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Patricia Munhall, Ed.D, Ph.D., NCPsy.A., CHt

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Coconut Grove and Wellington, Florida


Patricia Munhall is a nationally board certified psychoanalyst and psychodynamic therapist (NAAP, AABC, ACAP, ABAP). Dr. Munhall is a sensitive and highly trained therapist and analyst who is certified to treat adults, adolescents, children, families, couples and groups. In addition she counsels members in family owned businesses as well as academic, health and corporate businesses. She has facilitated growth and quality of life for these many diverse client populations, and has had extremely successful outcomes with even the most difficult issues troubling individuals, couples, families, business and corporate groups and family owned businesses.

Dr. Munhall’s special clinical interests span a wide range of clients. She not only focuses on symptom relief, but also on emotional growth and personality integration. These last two components assist the client in staying psychologically well and are what differentiates psychodynamic therapies from other forms of therapy. She has successfully treated conditions for adolescents, adults, couples and families which include depression/anger, clients with a history of childhood emotional, physical or sexual abuse, symptoms and complaints arising from life transitions such as, postpartum depression, grief, divorce, and relational issues. She also treats different sexual orientations or sexual problems. The many symptoms Dr. Munhall treats include sadness, loneliness, insecurity, feelings of worthlessness, anxiety, loss of pleasure, aging and weight issues and grieving symptoms among others.

In the business and corporate world she specializes in counseling individuals and groups in Family Owned and Operated Businesses, as well as Academic, Health and other Business and Corporate Organizations. As in her clinical practice she not only focuses on a particular problem but also on the perceptual and psychological conditions which may be interfering with morale, group cohesiveness, team cooperation, rapid change, conflict resolution and other institutional dynamics that interfere with a group's ability to share a vision and move toward success. Dr. Munhall is an expert in group and family dynamics and brings this expertise to the table to achieve leadership expertise, increased morale, increased productivity, and clear communication, all which propels individuals to perform their best. She has helped to create working environments which are respectful, healthy and productive.

Dr. Munhall has researched and developed the following techniques and methods based on her psychological theoretical and practice knowledge. They can be read about on this site: the Munhall Mirror Reflective Technique (MMRT), the Mind, Diet, Exercise, Interaction Method (MEDI) and the Life Transition Conciliatory Method (LCT).

Dr. Munhall is an author or editor of ten books and writes of the experiential nature of man, woman, family (a trilogy) in the 21st century. She has also written extensively on depression, anger, domestic violence, grief, aging, sexuality, life transitions, change and the transformation of repressed emotions into physical ailments or social incapacities. She is a published researcher of the meaning of various human experiences which appear in many of her publications.

Dr. Munhall has spoken in the international arena on numerous topics varying from psychology, ethics, research, the art of listening, family dynamics, depression, domestic violence, goal attainment to the problems of obesity. As a Full Professor in many Universities, she presented workshops in Russia, Ukraine, Canada, England, Singapore, Korea, Scotland and Australia among other countries, on research into human understanding and behavior.

Including the ten-year clinical psychoanalytic training program, Dr. Munhall has twenty-three years practicing psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy, first in New Jersey, then New York, and now in Miami and Wellington, Florida . She is the founder and director of the International Institute of Human Understanding. She completed her psychoanalytic training at the Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis and received her Doctorate from Columbia University, New York .

This year she was voted “Best Of” Psychotherapists by Family, Health, and Fitness magazine.

She practices in Miami and Wellington and can be reached at 305-461-2459 or by e-mail:pmunhall@aol.com




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