Individual Couple Counseling
and the MMRT: The Couples Cure


Dr. Patricia Munhall, N.C. PsyA, CHt
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The Couples Cure
Whether your relationship is in trouble, or you just want to make sure it stays strong, Dr. Patricia Munhall can assist you in fulfilling your original commitment to each other and bring joy and love back into your life.


Individual Couple Counseling is a wonderful opportunity to improve, repair and even save your relationship. The Munhall Mirror Reflection Technique as described is known as �the couples cure� and surely that is what it does.

The technique with the scientific rationale is one of the most effective therapies for couples wanting to enhance or repair a relationship. The combination of the visual and verbal with Dr. Munhall's theoretical underpinnings has enhanced and indeed saved countless relationships. If you have not read the description of the MMRT and its rationale, they both have separate pages on this site.

For a individual couple counseling appointment please call (305) 461-2459.

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