Individual Family Counseling
and the MMRT: The Family Cure

Recreating a Happy Family

Dr. Patricia Munhall, N.C. PsyA, CHt
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The Family Cure:
If your family seems to be troubled by conflict, misunderstandings and negativity,
Dr. Patricia Munhall can help you and your family experience the joy and security of togetherness
founded on new love and respect for one another.


Based on the description of the Munhall Mirror Reflection Technique and the Rationale as described, families can identify and interpret the interactions among members of the family, never before recognized. The various roles and dynamics that individual members take on in family interactions can unfortunately lead to conflict and despair within the family unit.

To solve family interactional or behavioral problems, members must see and hear themselves play out these roles to actually appreciate how they are either helping or contributing to conflicts, or worse -- despair.

As in couple counseling, we are not looking for a good person or bad person but for the dynamics between and among family members that are foundational to the disruption of family life and the joys and satisfactions inherent in being or becoming a family.

To establish a happy family, enhance relationships within family or repair broken families, Dr. Munhall will assist the family on this journey through her individualized therapeutic technique.

For an appointment please call (305) 461-2459.


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