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The Group Cure:
Group counseling has been proven to be a dynamic form of counseling especially for interpersonal and social issues. It promotes individual growth and change in a secure and comfortable environment guided by Dr. Munhall who has worked for twenty-two years with groups and has witnessed unbelievable transformations


Group Counseling has exceptional advantages for individuals who may be experiencing conflicts and communication problems in a relationship, or have other difficulties in couple relationships, including not being able to sustain a healthy couple relationship. Through group work, other relationships which may be presenting difficulties can also be greatly improved, such as family, friends, and work place groups.

One area that group therapy is so necessary for are those individuals who may be shy, fearful, very quiet and who dread social settings and meeting new people.

The insights that become available to group members through mutual interaction and in the moment feedback, greatly increases members' self-awareness and dynamically improves interpersonal relationship skills. In all these areas, group counseling encourages individuals to become more comfortable within relationships and through interaction become more aware of how others perceive them. Strengths and areas for improvement are focused upon. Individuals give and receive in this process of growth, self-awareness and learning new behaviors, which will greatly enhance their well-being and their being in all kinds of relationships. Since members share similar problems, there is mutual problem solving and sharing of ideas.

During group counseling, Dr. Munhall is supportive of all members of the group and participates 1. to promote understanding of specific dynamics which may be occurring, 2. to promote caring among group members, 3. to meet needs of members as they occur and 4. to provide a safe and secure environment. She uses the MMRT to augment visual and auditory self-awareness as a tool to help the individual see themselves and others within the group setting.

All of us have certain patterns that we have developed that we use in relating to others. Through the group process, uncovering the ones that are not working for you and then perhaps changing them right in that moment promotes the development of new and more effective patterns. There is freedom to experiment and be protected at the same time. Sometimes in the beginning some members may be very quiet and that is respected.

Group members report a growth in investing in the group and developing a sense of support for each person. A warm feeling of community and camaraderie develops when a member realizes that others are experiencing similar problems and the group is there to work as a caring, supportive and sympathetic group, so that each member gets to achieve their goals and aims.

Groups are usually formed by specific problems, issues or conditions. They are also kept to a small number so that everyone can participate and receive individual attention.


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