McCormick-Green Center for Holistic Therapies

The Center's Mission Statement

to explore... to discover... to research... to validate... to integrate and experience healing modalities, successful for the ancient populations of the past, with those of contemporary medical practices and to provide an optimal quality of life for the populations of today and the generations of tomorrow.

Volcano at Arenal, Costa Rica

The McCormick-Green Center provides a catalyst for the study and practice of global healing modalities of mind/body/spirit, integrating allopathic (contemporary) and alternative (complementary) therapies from all cultures, all sources, all times.

The human is a mind/body/spirit vessel of atomic infinity, formed of earth, water, wind and fire. It is the earthly manifestation of the ever-evolving universe.


Educational Opportunities

Workshops. Seminars. Symposiums
Local - National - International

Learn what they are and how they work.

AROMA THERAPY: Its history, how aromas work, how to select the best aromas for you.

ENERGY WORK: Including therapeutic massage, osteopathy, chiropractic, cranio-sacral, chakra connections, reflexology, color therapy, Thai massage, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, raki and more.

HERBAL MEDICINES: Their histories, how they work, how to select the best herbals for you. How to prepare your own teas and tinctures from fresh organic/wild crafted herbs. Learn to recognize medicinal herbs in your own yard by taking herbal walks in various geographical locations.

MEDITATION PHILOSOPHIES AND TECHNIQUES USED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD: From Buddhism to Catholicism, from Judaism to new world spirituality and others. We are ecumenical and respect all forms of belief systems.

NATIVE AMERICAN traditions and spirituality including the sacred pipe and sweat lodge ceremonies.

PET THERAPY: Discover which animals and/or birds are best suited for your mind, body, spirit connection and how their energy provides comfort and healing.

STRESS THERAPIES: Using mediums of sound, music, color, aromas and movement; the history and use of crystal and stone energies are also explored.

Experiential Opportunities

AROMA THERAPY: An individualized evaluation to select effective
aromas and how to use them in a session designed for you by a certified

HERBAL ASSESSMENT: An individualized herbal evaluation to
identify the best herbs for you by a qualified practitioner.

MASSAGE THERAPY: An individualized massage therapy session designed for your personal needs. This could include techniques such as:

    • aroma therapy      
    • cranio-sacral      
    • color therapy
    • chiropractic          
    • chakra              
    • energy work
    • osteopathic        
    • reflexology

Blue Morph, Marco T. Saborio, Costa Rica

Research (Qualitative / Quantitative)

Presently collecting data on the efficacy of phytoceuticals (plant medicines) as applied to the use of plant estrogens (black cohosh, yams and others) in lieu of administering equine estrogens for menopausal symptoms.

Co-Founder and President
Louise K. McCormick, RN, MS

Louise received her nursing credentials from Barry University (Miami) and the University of Maryland. With both parents holistic physicians, she and her 10 siblings were raised to respect the mind-body-soul philosophy of health. Throughout her career as a nursing professor and in other nursing roles, she integrated allopathic medicine and alternative therapies. In turn, her children Louisette, Trina and Robbie, have evolved in an environment rich in the mind-body-soul philosophy. She studied and received certification in herbal, mind-soul aroma, cranio-sacral and Thai massage therapies in the Amazon, Bahamas, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, the Netherlands Thailand and the United States.

Co-Founder and Director
Albert A. Green, BA

Al received his business degree from the University of Richmond in Virginia. He moved to Miami in 1936 where he established his own food brokerage family business from which he retired in 1985. Al developed an avid interest in supplements, herbs, vitamins, minerals, hormones, massage and meditation. He traveled extensively, studying philosophies and plant medicines from the Orient,  the Caribbean, South Seas and Galapagos Islands. He believes in the harmony of body­ and that ALL should be taken in moderation and that "nothing is perfect." Today at 85, Al leads an active lifestyle: playing tennis and walking two miles daily. He has been married to the source of his energy, Esther, for 60 years.

They have 3 children - Richard, Bonnie and Nancy.

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