A Workshop on Relationships
for Individuals and Couples

Dr. Patricia Munhall, N.C. PsyA, CHt

Call (305) 461-2459
or email pmunhall@aol.com

Are you looking for a good relationship?

Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationship?

Are you looking for answers to improve your relationship?

You are not alone!

  • Some of us cannot find a satisfying relationship.
  • Some of us continue to choose the wrong partner.
  • Some of us are in relationships that have different kinds of problems that are interfering with the happiness that can be found in a relationship.
  • Many of us do not understand how the other person thinks and what the other person needs
  • Some of us are phobic on commitment
  • Many of us find ourselves in relationships that are causing suffering and pain

Relationships between two people are so very complex, leading often to misunderstandings, conflicts, confusion and questioning if the relationship is even going to last. Finding a partner is another complex dynamic. Individuals often keep choosing the same partner, with a different name and face! They find themselves once again in a "going nowhere" relationship or even one that causes suffering and pain.

Yet, relationships are sought after continuously. Having a partner should be enjoyable and fulfilling. Having a partner significantly improves both your emotional and physical well being. Sharing experiences should enhance ones life, and lead to new levels of intimacy.

This one day workshop plus your bonus individual session will assist you in gaining new insights that can dramatically increase your understanding about yourself, relationships. and your partner. The workshop will also assist those in search of a good relationship. The content of the workshop is directed and applicable to both groups, those in and those out of relationships. It is directed to individuals, as well as couples.

Dr. Patricia Munhall's goal is to assist you in finding love and caring in a relationship where you can reach new heights never imagined.

Educational in nature, the dynamics of men and women's differences, their very real different perceptions and understandings of the world are discussed and analyzed with real life examples provided. The MMRT* and its rationale (*please read about them on this site) are presented as tools in which relationships can be analyzed and interpreted by couples and individuals.

Participants are welcomed to participate or you can choose just to listen. The environment is friendly, respectful and caring. So that Dr. Munhall can answer as many questions and speak to what may be specific concerns of participants, the workshop is limited to sixteen participants.

A light lunch is served and at the end of the workshop day, we share a champagne toast to our goals and aims.

BONUS INDIVIDUAL SESSION included in workshop fee:

All participants who a attend a workshop are entitled to a 60 minute follow-up individual or couple counseling session, within 30 days of the workshop you attend. This follow-up session can help you as an individual or as a couple maintain the gains of the workshop.

Materials will be provided for you at the workshop.
Light lunch and end of day champagne
to toast to your relationship wishes.

As space is limited, register early for next available date
at pmunhall@aol.com or by calling 305-461-2459

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