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Below are lectures that can be delivered in an hour talk with a half hour for questions.
This format can be changed by request.
Also by request, these lectures have also been given in a workshop format.


Are You or a Member of Your Family Depressed?
Presents underlying theory of what causes depression in women, men and children and ways to overcome repressed emotions. Essential to psychological and physical health. In this discussion symptoms, behaviors, how to deal with pain and possible solutions to overcoming depression are discussed.


The �Couple Cure�:
The more we can do to enhance or even save a relationship or marriage that has the potential to be saved we need to actively work towards. Some relationships and some marriages need to actually end because they are destructive to the couple and children if involved. However, couple counseling and using the MMRT can save a relationship and marriage through hard work and thus keep a couple intact and growing towards good emotional and physical health, not to mention happiness. This program addresses couple dynamics, problems and possible solutions.


The Munhall Mirror Reflection Technique:
The MMRT (on this site) is the �couple, family and group cure� method by utilizing videos of interpersonal transactions to analyze and interpret. The MMRT has been part of wonderful outcomes for couples, families and groups to increase understanding, well being and caring. Learn more about the MMRT and its rationale. This discussion explains the MMRT, how it works and how it is used for couples, families and groups.

Dealing with Family Dynamics:
Presents critical elements of family dynamics to help keep a family emotionally healthy, cooperative and loving. This program discusses dynamics that can be disruptive and those that can be productive with a goal of helping families live with less conflict, more cooperation, harmony and love.


The �Family Cure�:
Like the couple cure, the �family cure� is designed to keep a family who may be experiencing problems, whether they are perceived as a one person problem or larger family problems, they are disruptive to a good and healthy family life and could be greatly assisted with family counseling and the MMRT(on this site). More often without counseling the situation worsens to the point that it may not be repairable. In this lecture family dynamics, problems and solutions are suggested to keep a family growing in love and emotional health and happiness.

Changing Group Dynamics for the Better, the �Group Cure�:
Presents the critical elements of how members of groups play various roles. Some of these roles are productive and need to be encouraged, while others play roles unbeknownst to themselves that disrupt the group's functionin g and thus achieving their goals. In this program emphasis is placed on the fact that this is not a search to criticize any member of a group but to discuss the group dynamics and how various roles play off one another. Used in health care settings, companies, boards, and corporations. Once again the MMRT (on this site) is utilized for illumination. Members of groups learn to understand each other and are able to work together efficiently and hopefully in harmony.


Starting Over :
A discussion for women and men whose relationship or marriage has ended either recently or in the past, either due to divorce or death. How to proceed and grow, if not prosper is the subject of the discussion. In this program rebound issues, loneliness, feelings of failure, feelings of anger, family issues, and possible solutions are discussed.


Looking for a Real Relationship :
Relationships are important to our well-being. Discussion on what may prevent a woman or man from forming or finding a good relationship. Ways to proceed are suggested.

Other topics can be presented upon request.

Private counseling, group counseling and workshops are available upon request.

To learn more about any of these options please call: 305-461-2459




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