the mMMEDI method

Munhall's Mind Motivation Exercise Diet Interaction Method

Counseling for Understanding the Interaction of You
as an Individual, Motivation, Exercise and Diet

Counseling focuses on understanding the client's psychological issues that come between their goals and fulfilling them. Each client has a unique narrative and will need an individualized approach to this interaction and reaching their goals.

This method has been developed for individuals who have tried various diets and exercise programs and have not met their desired outcomes. Often this is because the complexities of diet and exercise regimes are not seen as life change events. Counseling must be holistic and take into account the psychology of change .

Why diets and exercise programs often do not work:

it is not the diet or dieting...

it is not the exercising...

it is the response to Change


The counselor and client focus on understanding factors inhibiting motivation to change.

Some areas for understanding within this interaction between change and a goal are:

  • discomfort and comfort zones
  • loss of routine and pleasure
  • beginning feelings of deprivation
  • stress and frustration
  • pressure to succeed
  • self-criticism of �not doing� goal
  • sabotage by others
  • feeling sad, angry or depressed

One of the more critical obstacles to change is Psychological Conditions Inhibiting Change.

Depression often leads the conditions which interfere with change, since one of the hallmarks of depression is �not wanting to do anything.� Also individuals experiencing depression often lack energy, suffer from low self-esteem, have given up on goals, and though a strong word, have often despaired of the possibility of change. A fundamental principle of the mMMEDI method is to first and foremost have the counselor and client focus on this depression or other psychological conditions that may be interfering with achieving goals.

Often these issues and goals can be worked on simultaneously.

The client and the counselor work together on an individual plan for dealing with change.

Some areas for understanding include:

  • developing a whole new attitude, a new reality
  • understand the conditions and challenges of change
  • develop strategies to deal with changes
  • where the change produces a negative feeling, find a new reward
  • recognize complexity: think and write about until you understand
  • give up �all or none thinking��.a little progress is better than none
  • think health and vanity
  • start developing a habit�does not have to be everyday: that is like all or none
  • find what works for you�.look for something to enjoy and reward yourself
  • think strategically and ahead as how you might manage a specific situation
  • never criticize yourself�.pick up and go on
  • being gentle with yourself

As one can see creating a diet and exercise plan is not the main emphasis of this method. It is part of the interaction among many factors, the mind, motivation, exercise and diet.

Fundamental to the entire process and unique to diet and exercise movement is the emphasis on Change.

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